Springboard Kitchens

Where good food is the foundation for better lives!

Springboard Kitchens is a workforce training program designed to help people who have been out of the workforce find and maintain stable, higher-than-entry-level positions in the food service industry. Springboard Kitchens students work and train alongside professional chefs producing hundreds of from-scratch bulk meals each day.

Our training program services the community in three ways:

1) Food Rescue-We rescue food at the end of its shelf life (for example, very ripe produce that has to be used in the next day or so). This food typically gets thrown away, so not only are we using it to feed people who need it, we are saving it from the landfill.

2) Feeding food-insecure populations-We feed meals every day to people who are food-insecure, meaning they do not have enough money or access to buy enough food for themselves and their families.

3) Job training-We train people for careers in food service, focusing on individuals with barriers to employment: criminal backgrounds, mental health issues, or a history of addition, homelessness or near-homelessness. We believe in helping people to move beyond these barriers by building the foundation of skills and steady work history that employers want.

Informational open houses for new students are held every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 10:00 AM.  No appointment or referral is necessary to attend the open house.

Food Service Workforce Training

  • This full-time, 18-week program is set up with three training tiers that include kitchen and food safety, food preparation techniques, and recipe math.
  • Our employment skills training ranges from time management to dealing with workplace conflicts. 
  • Supportive services are provided to eliminate barriers to employment. 
  • Our comprehensive curriculum has been developed in partnership with experts in the food service industry. 
  • Each of our students graduate with their ServSafe Manager certification. 
  • Job search and placement assistance is provided upon completion of the program. 
  • We contract with businesses and organizations to provide ongoing food service or one-time catering for their meetings and events of all sizes. Our competitive rates help to offset training costs, and these opportunities help us to provide a real-time training environment for our students. 

Contact us regarding our workforce development program or meal service!

Springboard Kitchens
1323 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15219

T: 412-246-4738
F: 412-471-2909

E: kbrolley@sbkpgh.org 

Springboard Kitchens is a Catalyst Kitchens Model Member and a subsidiary of Lutheran Service Society.  Donations to Lutheran Service Society for Springboard Kitchens are tax deductible.